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Experience the energy of a dynamic gathering of top industry professionals,

inspiring fresh ideas and fueling creativity that sets the scene ablaze.


Ben Marriott

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We're thrilled to welcome Ben Marriott to Camp Mograph for 2024. Ben, a seasoned motion design expert, has spent a decade honing his craft in design and animation.


Renowned for his engaging teaching style on YouTube, he's worked with leading brands like Google and Adobe.


Ben's passion for sharing his knowledge makes him an ideal speaker to ignite creativity and wisdom around the campfire.


His blend of professional insight and approachable charisma promises an enriching experience for all our campers.

Olivia Chen is the co-founder and creative force behind Studio ChenChen. A graduate of the Pratt Institute in New York City, her career has flourished across three continents, earning her both a diverse clientele and numerous accolades.


Olivia's philosophy emphasizes a blend of creativity and practicality, resulting in designs that solve puzzles in simple yet striking ways.


Her journey as an Asian female founder in the industry has been both challenging and inspiring, showcasing her as a trailblazer who not only excels in her field but also serves as a role model in a space where such representation is rare​.

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PJ Richardson

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Believing in the power of design to create joy, clarity & in the best of cases, world change, we are stoked to announce PJ Richardson as our third and final Fireside Chat speaker.

PJ leads a team of talented designers, animators, and filmmakers in crafting captivating and memorable visual stories for brands. With over 17 years experience , PJ combines thoughtful conceptual storytelling with acute brand awareness and stunning aesthetics to create impactful TV commercials, social media content, title sequences, full 360 campaigns, etc.

Co-founder and ECD of Laundry studios, PJ is experienced in design, animation, live action, and branding and will be sharing in an intimate and unplugged chat, literally fireside with our Camp Mograph attendees. 

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